1. Oxidation of benzoic acid by heat-activated persulfate: Effect of temperature on transformation pathway and product distribution (2017)

Nick Zrinyi, Anh Le-Tuan Pham.
(2017) Water Research, 120 , pp. 43-51.
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  • The degradation of benzoic acid by heat-activated persulfate was studied.

  • Temperature affects the distribution of benzoic acid transformation products.

  • The mechanism through which benzoic acid is transformed was established.

  • The roles of temperature in heat-activated persulfate systems are discussed.

2. In-situ chemical oxidation of chlorendic acid by persulfate: Elucidation of the roles of adsorption and oxidation on chlorendic acid removal (2019)

Alannah Taylor, Nick Zrinyi, Stephen P. Mezyk, Jamie M. Gleason, Leah MacKinnon, Andrzej Przepiora , Anh Le-Tuan Pham.
(2019) Water Research, 162 , pp. 78-86.
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  • Activated persulfates (S2O82−) could degrade CA only under certain conditions.

  • In homogeneous (i.e., solid-free) solutions, CA could be oxidized by •OH and SO4•-.

  • In heterogeneous solutions, CA was removed mainly by adsorption to solids.

  • Adsorption of CA retarded/inhibited the oxidation of CA, especially at acidic pH.

  • CA desorption after S2O82− is depleted may cause the CA concentration to rebound.

3. Reduction of chlorendic acid by zero-valent iron: Kinetics, products, and pathways (2020)

Min Sik Kim, Emily Piggott, Nick Zrinyi, Changha Lee, Anh Le-Tuan Pham.
(2019) Journal of Hazardous Materials, 384 , 121269.
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  • Zero valent iron (ZVI) removed chlorendic acid (CA) from solution by adsorption and degradation.

  • The degradation of CA took place via stepwise reductive dechlorination reactions.

  • Ten products of CA transformation were detected, nine of which were identified.

  • The degradation of CA occurred under a wide range of water chemistry conditions.

  • ZVI is promising for the remediation of CA-contaminated groundwater.